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Nichel Jhon 2022-03-19
Implementing and Configuring Cisco Identity Services Engine CCNP Security SISE 300-715 dumps If you are not sure how you can make things easier and better for yourself, then you should consider checking out all the 300-715 exam dumps that we are providing. It is highly recommended to go through detailed 300-715 exam pdf questions & answers so you can clear your concepts before taking CCNP Security SISE exam questions. It is the right way to proceed so you can easily manage things in an efficient way.

What are two differences between the RADIUS and TACACS+ protocols? (Choose two.)
A. RADIUS offers multiprotocol support, whereas TACACS+ does not.
B. RADIUS is a Cisco proprietary protocol, whereas TACACS+ is an open standard protocol.
C. RADIUS enables encryption of all the packets, whereas with TACACS+, only the password is encrypted.
D. RADIUS combines authentication and authorization, whereas TACACS+ does not.
E. TACACS+ uses TCP port 49, whereas RADIUS uses UDP ports 1812 and 1813.
Answer: DE

An administrator adds a new network device to the Cisco ISE configuration to authenticate endpoints to the network. The RADIUS test fails after the administrator configures all of the settings in Cisco ISE and adds the proper configurations to the switch.
What is the issue?
A. The endpoint profile is showing as ''unknown"
B. The endpoint does not have the appropriate credentials for network access
C. The certificate on the switch is self-signed, not a CA-provided certificate
D. The shared secret is inon the switch or on Cisco ISE
Answer: D 

An administrator is configuring RADIUS on a Cisco switch with a key set to Cisc407294634 but is receiving the error “Authentication failed: 22040 Wrong password or invalid shared secret.” What must be done to address this issue?
A. Add the network device as a NAD inside Cisco ISE using the existing key.
B. Configure the key on the Cisco ISE instead of the Cisco switch.
C. Validate that the key is on both the Cisco switch as well as Cisco ISE.
D. Use a key that is between eight and ten characters.
Answer: A

An administrator needs to give the same level of access to the network devices when users are logging into them using TACACS+. However, the administrator must restrict certain commands based on one of three user roles that require different commands.
How is this accomplished without creating too many objects using Cisco ISE?
A. Create one shell profile and one command set.
B. Create multiple shell profiles and one command set.
C. Create multiple shell profiles and multiple command sets.
D. Create one shell profile and multiple command sets.
Answer: C

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