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Nichel Jhon 2021-08-07
C_TFIN52_67 dumps : SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 (C_TFIN52_67  dumps) not only help you to improve the efficiency of learning, but also help you to shorten the review time of up to several months to one month or even two or three weeks, so that you use the least time and effort to get the maximum improvement.
Whether you are a newcomer or an old man with more experience, C_TFIN52_67 dumps will be your best choice for our professional experts compiled them based on changes in the examination outlines over the years and industry trends.

"SAP Certified Application Associate - Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7", also known as C_TFIN52_67 exam, is a SAP Certification.

A customer wants to use segment reporting on balance sheet and P/L accounts.

Which business function do you recommend?
A. Special Purpose Ledger
B. Profitability Analysis
C. New General Ledger Accounting
D. Profit Center Accounting

At the end of a fiscal year the system carries forward the balance of certain accounts to a special retained earnings account and sets them to zero. 
Which accounts are treated in this way?
A. Balance sheet and P&L accounts
B. P&L accounts 
C. Accounts managed only on the basis of open items
D. Balance sheet accounts

A company uses different terms of payment. 
What can you define for these terms of payment? (Choose three.)
A. Cash discount periods 
B. Interest calculation
C. Baseline date for due date calculation 
D. Cash flow calculation
E. Cash discount percentage rates

What are the advantages of the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW)? (Choose three.)
A. It activates the automatic import of settings related to changes in payment transaction laws.
B. It provides a uniform set of functions for all kinds of payment methods.
C. It automatically creates direct debits.
D. It can be used to change payment formats without modifying the programs.
E. It can be used to create new payment formats.

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